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Modernizing Digital Identity 
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Redefine Your Digital Identity with 

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In today's digital landscape, your online activities create a traceable path—a digital footprint spanning online banking, social media, government databases, and beyond. At ChainIT, we advocate for individual to reclaim control over their digital identities with ChainIT-ID.


ChainIT-ID is a consumer-owned, and controlled digital identity that simplifies the age validation process for both online and in-person scenarios through the use of IVDT-ID (Individual Validated Token-ID). Each ID is graded and rated leveraging advanced biometrics and verification to government-issued IDs for enhanced validation.


We believe your identity, defining you as your most precious possession, deserves authentic protection and genuine truth.  With ChainIT-ID, transparency lies at the core of every interaction, empowering both individuals and businesses with the essential tools required to prove and validate identities.

Your Identity, Your Terms

With ChainIT-ID, you’re in control of your personal information, choosing how it’s shared, with whom, and for what duration. Carry your identity information securely and seamlessly across online and in-person environments, no matter where your journey leads. 


For Individuals

Individual Validated Data Token-ID (IVDT-ID)

User-Controlled Privacy:
Feel Safer Sharing Less

ChainIT-ID empowers users with full control over their personal information through IVDT-IDs, enabling them to dictate what is shared, with whom, and for what duration. Seamlessly integrated with their driver's license, these IVDT-IDs ensure adherence to state and federal regulations while providing a unified, user-centric verification solution across both digital and physical environments.

During instances when age, identity, or other personal verification is required, users can selectively share only the essential information, preserving their privacy.

Enhanced Identity Control & User Autonomy Privacy

Simplified Age & Identity Verification

Secure Biometric Access & Data Sharing

Unified Identity Management 

Interoperable with the entire ChainIT ecosystem

For Businesses


Organizational Validated Data Token-ID (OVDT-ID)

Empowering Businesses with Validated and Verifiable Truth

ChainIT-ID shields businesses from regulatory risks and preserves user privacy through a robust identity and age verification solution, employing advanced biometric technology and government ID cross-referencing. Seamlessly integrating OVDT-IDs with IVDT-IDs, organizations confidently authenticate customer identities and verify ages online and onsite. OVDT-IDs ensure transparent and secure verification of all business transactions and interactions, effectively mitigating fraud risks and instilling confidence in business operations.

Regulatory Compliance Enhancement

Accurately verify users’ age and identity, reducing the risk of underage use

Increased Operational Efficiencies with Streamlined Age & Identity Verification

Mitigate Fraud Risk & Identity Theft

Protect Brand Integrity & Enhance Customer Confidence with Secure, Easy Access

Face scan infographic demonstrating "Enhanced Security"

Robust Identity Verification 

Crafting an IVDT-ID involves a simple yet sophisticated verification procedure. It begins by analyzing the user's physical ID alongside a captured selfie, cross-referenced with the government database. When all three identity templates align, a unique biometric binary code template is generated, becoming the users IVDT-ID.

Person infographic demonstrating "Consumer Ownership"

Consumer Ownership

Stored securely in your digital wallet, IVDT-IDs grants full ownership and control over data sharing, simplifying and securing identity verification while mitigating identity theft. This password-less system not only streamlines experiences but also provides robust protection, enhancing overall security.

Token grading infographic demonstrating "Rating and Grading"

Grading and Rating

Each IVDT-ID undergoes rigorous assessment through the ten-level Being-ID system, reflecting the credibility of human validators & providing unmatched assurance in user interactions, thus elevating credibility & fostering confidence for everyone involved. Credibility have never been more transparent.

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Laptop infographic demonstrating "Real-world Applications"

Real-world Applications

Utilize your ChainIT-ID to access age-restricted dating websites, secure mortgage loans, purchase alcohol, and countless other industry applications. It's the key to ensuring a safer, faster, and more secure world, ensuring authenticated age and identity across diverse contexts spanning digital and physical environments. 

ChainIT-ID is transforming identity control by prioritizing user privacy, enhancing data integrity, and ushering in a new era of universally accepted, secure, consumer-controlled digital IDs.

Take Control of Your Digital Identity with ChainIT-ID

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