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Validated Data Tokens


Your Guardian of Data Authenticity
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A New Era of Authenticity

Validated Data Tokens™ (VDTs) stand as the cornerstone of the ChainIT platform, transforming our relationship with the physical world. At its core, these tokens are data-driven permanent records connected to physical objects, products, and services. Each VDT captures the metadata of where, when, who, and what. 


VDTs are guardians of authenticity, preserving data integrity and transparency while serving as indisputable proof of authenticity. They offer robust defense against counterfeit goods, fake services, and fraudulent activities, establishing a seamless bridge between the tangible and digital domains and safeguarding the interests of consumers and businesses alike.

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Unlocking VDTs:  
Merging Their Essence and Uniqueness

Validated Data Tokens are permanent digital records intricately linked to physical objects, products, services, and events. They serve as a fully digital equivalent, each transparent and graded attribute data, reinforcing its authenticity upon creation. 

Every VDT is a unique and invulnerable entity, resistant to duplication and tampering. These tokens capture vital attribute information such as 'where,' 'when,' 'who,' and 'what' pertaining to the associated physical entity. Integrating VDTs and their data into existing software and business systems is effortless, and anyone with a smartphone can authenticate a product or service by scanning a ChainIT-generated QR code.

The Heart of ChainIT  
            Validated Data Tokens 

VDTs serve as the foundational pillar of the ChainIT Platform. They serve as the ultimate source of truth, forming the core in which all other features, products, functionalities, and applications are built. These tokens are not only vital but empower every aspect of ChainIT's ecosystem.

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Comprehensive Attribute Data

When a VDT is associated with a physical entity, it operates as

a functional digital equivalent for that entity. These tokens encapsulate metadata attributes that specify 'where,' 'when,' 'who,' and 'what.'  VDTs show the provenance of their data and include permanent records of every detail,  allowing users on the ChainIT platform to seamlessly verify and authenticate data attributes with unparalleled transparency and accessibility at every stage of the process.

Each VDT is a comprehensive data record capturing GPS locations, timestamps, biometrics, VDT-IDs, images, documents, and grading levels.


GPS locations of VDT creation and subsequent additions are recorded.

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Permanent timestamps indicate the date & timing of each action in the record.

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Individuals and/or organizations are identified through their


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 A unique identifier serves as a digital counterpart to the associated physical entity.

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Verify each of these with Touch Audit

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Unleashing ChainIT’s Revolutionary 
Validated Data Tokens

VDTs, exclusive to the ChainIT platform, serve as unwavering sentinels of truth, guaranteeing the authenticity of objects, services, and events while enhancing confidence and transparency. These tokens seamlessly bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, offering unparalleled reliability and empowering digital interactions.

Validated Data Tokens serve as the guardians of authenticity, ensuring the integrity of objects, services, and events in both the digital and physical realms.

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