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Digital and Physical World Marketplace

...the only marketplace you need.

Introducing the pioneering platform for Validated Data Tokens™. Seamlessly engage in the creation, purchase, and sale of digital and physical items leveraging our cutting-edge technology.

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How We Stand Out


Our marketplace guarantees monetization for creators, allowing them to capture financial value from each product sale.

Competitive Advantages


Compared to other solutions in the market


  • Built-in smart contracts 

    • Our contracts allow for full transparency with each VDT sale

  • Rich attribute data 

    • The data collected eliminates fraudulent activity within the marketplace

  • Transfer of ownership

    • Our platform allows for an effortless and secure transfer of ownership for both digital and physical objects 

  • Creator fees 

    • Creators continue to receive a percentage of profits each time the item is sold and re-sold. 

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ChainIT Marketplace Logo (2)_edited.png




Use Cases

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