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Business man on his phone accessing the ChainIT app
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Government ID Validation
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Multiple ID Validators
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Kiosk Confirmation
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Witness Confirmation
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Government Witness



Redefining Digital Identity Verification

Elevating Identity Verification to New Heights

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital identities, ChainIT is pleased to introduce BeingID™, a vital component of the Token Grading System. BeingID offers an innovative way to authenticate and verify identity, providing an authentic alternative to traditional, document-centric methods of establishing one's digital identity. Based on the credibility of the human validator, a grade is assigned to the token. This system is setting new standards for reliability and credibility by providing a transparent and holistic perspective of a token's reliability, amplifying user confidence in its integrity.

The BeingID Advantage

BeingID is not just another identity verification system; it's a paradigm shift in digital authenticity. Our unique grading system is powered by cutting-edge biometric and identity verification technology, ensuring that your digital identity is not just secure but truthful at its core.

In a world where AI and bots are prevalent, and CAPTCHA struggles to distinguish real from artificial, establishing your digital identity ensures that your identity is rooted in truth and not simply reliant on trust.

Crafting Your Digital Identity

ChainIT-ID offers a comprehensive solution for creating digital identities, also known as Individual Validated Data Token - ID (IVDT-ID.) This meticulous process seamlessly links your government-issued ID to your individual profile.  It includes the validation of your physical ID and the biometric capture of your unique facial features. Through this process, ChainIT not only confirms your identity but also establishes your connection and involvement in various documents and processes, ensuring the integrity of your digital identity.

Man's driver license needed to setup his Individual VDT ID
Government issued ID
Man showing his phone screen of his IVDT-ID
Showing the man's IVDT-ID created in the ChainIT app
Capturing Selfie
Man taking a selfie picture needed to create his IVDT-ID
Capturing ID
Man taking a picture of his driver license needed to create his IVDT-ID
Driver license of man who is creating his IVDT-ID
Selfie picture of man who is creating his IVDT-ID
Selfie picture
Driver license of man who is creating his IVDT-ID
Scanned ID
Driver license of man who is creating his IVDT-ID
Government data base image
Government Database

The Who Matters

"Who" data attribute icon in black used in the ChainIT app

BeingID places a strong emphasis on the credibility of the individuals involved in the creation of each Validated Data Token.


ChainIT employs cutting-edge biometric identification technology to authenticate your government-issued identification. This is accomplished by cross-referencing your physical ID with the selfie capture you provide and comparing it to the government ID database. When a match is confirmed, a unique biometric template is generated, based on the image taken and the ID provided. These details are securely recorded in a tamper-proof Digital Identity that you, the consumer, own and control. This approach focuses on enhancing security and privacy in the digital identity verification process.

Understanding BeingID Levels

BeingID levels are a sophisticated, ten level rating system for identity validation, using a variety of verification methods. These levels ensure a comprehensive assessment of an individual's digital authenticity, enhancing transparency and reliability in token grading. Our app facilitates tamper-proof record creation for digital identity and linking individuals or organizations to physical items, services, and events through VDTs.


BeingID provides an innovative method for authenticating and verifying identity, offering a credible alternative to traditional document-based approaches. Token grades are assigned based on human validators' credibility, setting new reliability and credibility standards, boosting user confidence in data integrity.

BeingID operates on a proof-of-stake system, where the involvement in fraudulent events results in a demotion to the lowest level, level 6.

Level 1: Government Direct

A verified digital ID that is created by a government agency at a government location

Level 2: DMV Direct at Address

Direct Government Database Validation - created at the address listed on ID

Level 3: DMV Direct

Direct Government Database Validation - not created at the address listed on ID

Level 4: DMV Verified at Address 

AAMVA Validation - created at the address listed on ID

Level 5: DMV Verified 

AAMVA Validation - not created at the address listed on ID

Level 6: ID Scan (Unverified) at Address 

- ID not checked against government database - created at address on ID

Level 7: ID Scan (Unverified) 

- ID not checked against government database - not created at the address listed on ID

Level 8: Passport Analysis

- Passport uploaded

Level 9: Event Interaction

- No Government ID but individual has been recorded at 5+ events as a level 10 user

Level 10: Liveness Check

- Liveness check, when, and where records created

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In a digital landscape where truth over trust is paramount, BeingID  is your gateway to authentic and secure digital identity. It's a system that not only validates your identity but also confirms the credibility of individuals and VDTs you engage with, ensuring your interactions are done in complete transparency.


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