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ChainIT Doc

Document Integrity, Redefined
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Willow Branch-
Azure Bank
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11:46 A.M.
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Stephanie Sims/
Loan Officer
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Loan Documents
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"What" data attribute icon in white in the ChainIT app
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"Where" data attribute icon in white in the ChainIT app

In an era where digitization has taken precedence, document integrity and authenticity are of paramount importance.

ChainIT Doc provides a solution that imbues every document with a badge of irrefutable truth. Beyond merely storing information, our system validates the 'Who', 'What', 'When', and 'Where' of each document, safeguarding its credibility.

ChainIT Doc harnesses the power of the ChainIT platform to encapsulate documents within a Validated Data Token (VDT). With a streamlined process, users can easily upload their vital documents, embedding them with layers of authenticity that vouch for their genuineness.


Our mission with ChainIT Doc extends beyond mere text preservation; it is dedicated to safeguarding the veracity behind every word, thus upholding the utmost integrity of the ChainIT platform.

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Powered by ChainIT

ChainIT Doc plays a pivotal role within our comprehensive ChainIT ecosystem. ChainIT captures and logs attribute data related to specific objects, services, or events through a distinctive patented system. This data is then converted into a secure digital token, a Validated Data Token (VDT), stored on an immutable ledger. Our sophisticated system ensures data transparency and preservation, leveraging autonomous business logic (smart contracts), multiple layers of authentication, a comprehensive grading system, and a Touch Audit feature to maintain data accuracy and integrity.

ChainIT Doc plays a pivotal role within the comprehensive ChainIT ecosystem.
The ChainIT Doc Advantage

ChainIT Doc empowers users to establish immutable and transparent digital records, capturing critical data metrics such as location, time, participants, and content for each document. These records continuously update as documents progress through various stages, participants, and organizational workflows. Here's how ChainIT Doc is transforming the landscape:

Preventing Fraud Across Industries

ChainIT Doc harnesses the power of permanent data from immutable ledger technology to provide transparency, security, easy validation, and efficiency throughout documents for numerous processes involving contracts and documents. Users can create permanent and transparent data records by capturing attributes such as where, when, who, and what for each document.

Biometric Identification for Enhanced Security

ChainIT includes biometric identification software that generates a digital identity, or IVDT-ID, linked to your government identification through the use of your biometrics. This process helps prevent identity theft and fraud. With ChainIT's Touch Audit feature, users can audit document attributes and verify the token grade, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

Seamless Integration into Workflows

Our platform seamlessly integrates into user dashboards, allowing attributes and data grades to be incorporated into smart contracts, loan documents, intricate business processes, and AI applications. You have control over what information is ingested and how it affects business or personal decisions.

Multiple VDTs in a Single Digital Document

ChainIT Doc serves as an evolved digital agreement platform that nests multiple Validated Data Tokens (VDTs) within a single digital document. This empowers the automation of complex, transparent interactions between multiple parties, whether they are human or computational. Each stakeholder's involvement is permanently recorded, graded for data quality, and made transparent through Touch Audit.

Token Grading System for Increased Confidence

ChainIT's Token Grading System provides a standardized method to evaluate every VDT data record based on the BeingID Level of the individuals associated with the record and the computing device hardware used in its creation. This transparency increases confidence in the data.

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Empowering Individuals

The ChainIT platform empowers individuals with transparency, security, and efficiency. ChainIT Doc captures and logs attribute metadata, ensuring all data is secure and transparent. It streamlines document processing, reducing redundancies, and providing personal information security. Added features such as Biometric Identification, Touch Audit, and ChainIT's Grading system increase transparency, reduce fraud, and minimize risk, ensuring a secure and auditable experience.


Assurance for Organizations

ChainIT's system ensures the security, transparency, and integrity of data throughout the document process. This provides organizations with the assurance that their users' personal information and sensitive data are accurate and secure. Increased transparency and standardized token grading can help organizations identify fraud and minimize potential losses, ultimately improving credibility and reliability in the eyes of clients.

In a world where truth, security, and transparency are paramount, ChainIT Doc redefines the way documents are validated and authenticated.

By intertwining each document with layers of verifiable truth, we strive to create a digital realm where every piece of text not only narrates a story but is a testament to its unassailable authenticity.

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Discover the document truth with ChainIT Doc.

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