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Token Grading System


Your Assurance of Data Quality
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Where Data Quality Matters 

In the digital realm, data is the currency of reliability. Just as not all assets hold the same intrinsic value in the physical world, the quality and reliability of data can vary significantly. This is where our Token Grading System™ steps in – offering you the assurance you need with Validated Data Tokens (VDTs).

Understanding the Token Grading System

Our Validated Data Tokens are graded with our advanced Token Grading System, providing a standardized method of assessing each VDT. This grading scale assigns a grade based on the level of validation of the tokens, utilizing four Hardware Levels and six established BeingID Levels with varying degrees of credibility and assurance, all of which are Touch Audit-enabled.

Token Grading System 
Elevating Data Quality & Reliability 

Our Token Grading System employs both Hardware Levels and BeingID Levels to assess the quality of each Validated Data Token.

Hardware Levels
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BeingID Levels
Hardware Levels

Hardware grading levels play a pivotal role in determining the reliability of a VDT. It varies based on the level of network security during the initial VDT creation.

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BeingID Levels

Stationary Kiosks

These are the most secure networks, offering the highest level of credibility in the data they generate and therefore receive the highest grading.

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Floating Kiosks

These kiosks maintain a high level of network security but are considered slightly lower than stationary kiosks, giving them the second-highest level.

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Personal Devices (Known)

While still secure, personal computers and mobile devices with known identities are considered less secure than stationary or floating kiosks.

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Personal Devices (Unknown)

Devices with unknown identities are the least secure, requiring additional validation.

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Our Token Grading System™ doesn't stop at hardware grading. It incorporates a comprehensive six BeingID level system, ensuring identification verification of users. These levels span from the highest security and credibility to more moderate and low levels, assigning each VDT a grade ranging from C- to A+.

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ChainIT’s Standardized Token Grading System

ChainIT's Token Grading System ensures clarity and truth in digital tokens, offering a clear assessment of VDT reliability for consumers and enterprises.

Token grading enhances transparency, reduces friction, and boosts confidence for everyone. In a data-driven world, this system empowers informed decisions and reliable transactions, fostering real truth in the digital economy.

Our Token Grading System sets the standard for data reliability and credibility, ensuring that your digital tokens hold their true value in the digital world.

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