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ChainIT Hardware 

Bridging the Digital-Physical Divide

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At ChainIT™, we understand that seamless integration between the digital and physical worlds is the key to unleashing the full potential

of our platform. 


Hardware has emerged as an essential bridge, enabling the unification of these two realms.

The role of hardware within the ChainIT ecosystem cannot be understated, as it serves as a pivotal determinant for the quality and reliability of the data produced.

Empowering Data Integrity
The Role of ChainIT's Hardware

ChainIT's patented hardware kiosks are not mere accessories; they are integral components meticulously designed to uphold data integrity and bolster the credibility of data transactions. Their significance goes beyond conventional hardware, playing a key role in ensuring that the data generated on the ChainIT platform meets the highest standards of accuracy, transparency, and permanence. With these hardware components, the ChainIT ecosystem seamlessly connects the digital and physical worlds, setting the stage for a future where data is a source of complete and unwavering assurance.

Stationary Kiosks
Your Gateway to Top-Grade Validation

Stationary Kiosks are the gateway of truth and reliability in the data collection process. They form an essential part of our verified computing network and play a pivotal role in creating Validated Data Tokens (VDTs) with the highest validation grade. These represent the most secure networks, delivering the utmost credibility in the data they produce and consequently earning the highest grading.


These kiosks are uniquely capable of capturing key metadata, encompassing the 'where,' 'when,' 'who,' and 'what,' making them pivotal in the VDT generation process.


Stationary Kiosks have a wide range of functionalities, including tracking, registration, validation, and more, making them versatile tools for various applications.

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Floating Kiosks
Portability Meets Validation

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Floating Kiosks are portable devices, also part of the ChainIT verified network and maintain a substantial level of network credibility when creating Validated Data Tokens. However, they are ranked just below stationary kiosks, securing the second-highest grading level for data integrity.


Floating Kiosk interfaces are easily customizable to accommodate any brand or company logo, allowing you to maintain your brand identity while benefiting from ChainIT's innovative features.

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Personal Devices

ChainIT allows users to conveniently create VDTs from their personal computers & mobile devices, bypassing the necessity to seek out a stationary or floating kiosk. However, this approach may yield a lower token grade level.


Known Personal Computers & Mobile Devices

While still secure, personal computers and mobile devices with known identities are considered less secure than stationary or floating kiosks but more secure than unknown devices.

Unknown Personal Computers & Mobile Devices

Devices with unknown identities are the least secure, requiring additional validation.

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The Core of Token Grading

The hardware kiosks & devices used during the VDT creation are core components that drive ChainIT's Token Grading System. They play a pivotal role in determining the reliability of a VDT,  ensuring data integrity and validation. 

Through ChainIT's hardware, you're not just connecting to a platform; you're joining an ecosystem that seamlessly bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, revolutionizing data integrity and fostering real truth in the information we receive. 
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