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Where the Physical
and Digital Connect

Adopted by multiple industries to combat fraud and enhance consumer experiences, ChainIT™ is the only platform that enriches products, services, and events with layers of undeniable authenticity and transparency, guaranteeing their legitimacy.

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In an era dominated by data, prioritizing truth over trust is essential. Whether you're a consumer verifying a product's authenticity, a business validating services, or an event organizer striving for credibility, ChainIT™ represents a paradigm shift towards digital authenticity. It ensures transparency and reliability in information, putting truth at the forefront of every interaction.

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ChainIT™- Prioritizing Truth over Trust 

With ChainIT's multi-patented platform, you aren't just connecting to a digital solution; you are becoming an integral part of a transformative ecosystem that replaces trust with undeniable truth, and helping bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.


Core Features

Validated Data Token™

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Digital Identity

Create your individual digital identity using ChainIT

Touch Audit™

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Token Grading System™

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ChainIT features Token Grading System

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Transparent data records at the click of a button and auditing feature at a touch of a button.


Sportafi's Floating Kiosk, also known as Mobile Kiosk

ChainIT Marketplace™

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The ChainIT Difference


Our app empowers you to effortlessly create Validated Data Tokens™ for items you own.

The ChainIT app is a User-Friendly platform and empowers user to create Validated Data Tokens™ for physical items


We use rich attribute data to validate each item, establishing authenticity for each token that's created

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ChainIt uses attribute data to validate physical items
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"When" data attribute icon
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ChainIT establishes permanent data records, proves ownership, & boosts the value of data tokens through Web 3.0 & blockchain


Our platform establishes permanent data records, proves ownership, and boosts the value of data tokens through integrating Web 3.0 and immutable ledger technology. 

Applications Empowered by ChainIT


Breaking It Down

A ChainIT Marketplace Use Case

ChainIT Marketplace Use Case of Albert Pujois Rookie Baseball card



You just bought a valuable baseball card and want to sell it, but there are hundreds of fakes on the market.



You have the information to prove the card's authenticity using 4 simple data points: where, when, who and what. 



You enter the data on our ChainIT app, and create a Validated Data Token™  for the baseball card.



Your Validated Data Token™ is now stored and ready to sell in the marketplace!

We Ensure Transparency

and Truth

Our platform links physical objects, services and events to Validated Data Tokens™, allowing users to establish digital identities, use smart contracts and buy or sell tokens and their physical counterparts in our marketplace.

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"Who" data attribute icon
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