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Digital Identity in Loan Closings Fraud Prevention Best Practices

Hosted by Black Ink Tech

Live Webinar 27 June 2023 | 1-2pm EST

Moderated by Nikki Derbyshire, COO at Black Ink Tech

What You'll Learn

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to best protect oneself and clients’ data in the digital landscape.

  • Explore best practices for loan closings while safeguarding personal, organizational, and client data.

  • Understand the concept of digital identity and its components both individual and organizational.

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About the Webinar

Digital Identity in Loan Closings - The End of Identity Fraud?

This webinar will provide participants with an overview of both organizational and individual digital identity and how combined with permanent data event records make fraud improbable in closing transactions. Digital identity offers a range of benefits to lenders, borrowers, buyers, sellers, and other professionals, including increased security and efficiency. We'll cover topics such as digital identity creation, verification, authentication, and data privacy, as well as discuss current trends in digital identity.  Participants will also learn best practices using emerging technology to protect themselves and their client’s information in an increasingly digital world. Lastly, we'll provide practical tips and strategies for leveraging digital identity in lending with an emphasis on the real estate sector.

After attending the webinar, you will have a strong understanding of:


  • The concept of digital identity and its components, both individual and organizational.

  • The importance of digital identity in the loan industry, with a focus on real estate.

  • How ‘audit-enabled’ data ensures transparency and validation while enabling accountability.

  • Best practices for maintaining and protecting your and your clients’ digital identities.


Meet the Speakers

What You Will Learn


Understand the fundamentals of digital identity, identity creation, verification, authentication, and data privacy.


Learn how to utilize identity verification and authentication techniques for loan closings.


Understand current trends in identity creation and management, and how to stay up-to-date on industry changes.

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By the end of the webinar, you will have a better understanding individual and organizational digital identity and how to securely manage your personal and your organization’s digital identity. 

Further how to leverage this latest technology to provide validated transparency to increase efficiencies and eliminate fraud. 

Speake Bios

Speaker Bios

Mark Weeks

Closing Attorney, Weeks & Irvine, LLC

Mark W. Weeks began Weeks & Irvine, LLC in 2010. In his role as a Partner and Closing Attorney, for Weeks & Irvine, LLC, Mark oversees residential & commercial real estate transactions, works with lenders brokers, agents, buyers, & sellers, delivers a professional and engaging experience to clients, addresses any questions or concerns, develops, cultivates, and grows business relationships for the firm.

Jeremy Blackburn

CEO, Black Ink Tech

With a legacy rooted in real estate and finance, Jeremy understands the power of innovation and its impact on industries as a whole. Under his leadership, the company has been pioneering simple-to-use applications on the ChainIT platform since 2019. The latest consumer-friendly addition is ChainIT Doc - a safe and secure application designed to revolutionize loan closings and business deals alike, taking fraud out of the equation for good.

Domingo Guerra

Executive Vice President of Trust, Incode Technologies

Domingo Guerra is the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Trust at Incode Technologies, a leading provider of world-class identity verification and authentication solutions for global enterprises. At Incode, Guerra oversees and manages the trust and credibility of Incode and its entire portfolio of biometric and manages the trust and credibility of Incode and its entire portfolio of biometric and identity solutions. His team is comprised of Security, Compliance, Legal, and Marketing.


Guerra was previously an advisor to Incode and has been instrumental in expanding the company's trust profile. Guerra comes to Incode with a strong track record of success with company exits, market valuation increases, and key executive positions at Symantec, which acquired Guerra's firm Appthority in 2018. Prior to his time at Symantec and Incode, Guerra founded Appthority, a mobile security leader in the Mobile Threat Defense space. At Symantec, he led the integration efforts of Appthority's team, technology, and customers into Symantec's Modern OS Security business unit, and scaled Appthority's mobile app security protection onto millions of devices across the enterprise and consumer use cases. Guerra went on to hold key leadership positions with Broadcom through its Symantec acquisition. At Broadcom, Guerra led the go-to-market strategy for the entire Symantec Endpoint security portfolio.


In addition to his executive position at Incode, Guerra is a Board Member at Kriptos, which develops AI software that obtains probability on data loss and generates policies of use. He is also an early investor in Hackmetrix, which helps LATAM tech companies improve their security posture and achieve certifications like ISO27001 and comply with industry regulations like PCI. Guerra is also an Advisor to SafeRoom, a secure enterprise messaging platform that combines end-to-end encryption, data control and ease of use.


Guerra obtained his Bachelor's Degree at the University of Texas at Austin in Mechanical Engineering, as well as his Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design & Development at Stanford University. Domingo then went on to achieve an MBA at Santa Clara University.

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